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Film crew

Leading actor

Michel Lafont is playing Alphonse. For many years he had his own street theatre company and played on festivals in France and abroads. He is native of the county of Uzès and through this, he knows very well everyting about gentrification. This circonstance is another crossover between reality and fiction, the artistic heart of the film.


The three musicians JC Quilez, Florian Duclaye and Rémi Balmassière are living in and around Uzès. They composed the entire music of the film. Her challange was to replace the music of Berhard Herrmann and they did a great job! They worked together for the first time.


Clément Baratte is an independant filmmaker and editor. He realized films like Héliogabale and The Real Life Story of Diana.

Sound design and sound editing

Nico Verhaeghe is a real sound artist. He works on street theatre plays as well as on films or does his own music.


Iva Tesorio is an artist painter who designed and fabricated our jackdaws.

Opening credits

Marie Donath is a street artist, working with shadow plays for children and for those who don’t wont to grow up.

The assitants

Francis Tesorio and Arthur Bourbon are all-rounder and put hands on everything. The Hitchcock tribute scene North by Northwest would not exist without their ingenuity. Francis also took the photos of the film, while Arthur did lightning for some of the interior scenes.